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13th-Oct-2011 02:22 pm - KBS NY/NJ Concert
Drop It
This is 4 tanyar and any1 else who is curious:
*Night Before*
WELLLLLLL we got to our hotel on sat night and went straight over to the park to scope it out. I didnt find any1 to get me tix, so i wanted to see what the setup was like and all beforehand. The stage and chairs were already set up that night and basically we just cruised the vendors. Some cute guy gave us ddokboki samples. We were like the only white girls there that evening lol. On our way over to the chairs i stopped a lady who had a staff lanyard on to ask about the situation. She said the white chairs were for ticketed people and the gray chairs up front were for vips. (like 2,000 or so gray chairs! geeze) So i said what about ppl that didnt get tix? She said they couldnt get a seat. So i asked if it was ok if we just stood outside of the fence. then she said, u didnt get tix? if u just need two, come see me at the krb booth tomorrow at 2. OMFG I NEARLY HAD A COW AND I JUST COULDNT THANK HER ENOUGH OMFG LIKE LADY U R A GOD AMONGST MEN. Whats really funny is she said her name was Christine. THE LADY RUNNING THE SHOWS' NAME IS CHRISTINE. I still to this day dont kno if it was the same person. I was too loopy to ask. but like that was the greatest part of the whole trip imo. We went to ktown that night and i was so pissed about the $12 toll for the lincoln tunnel, i couldnt have a good time. We went to paris baguette and a bookstore but that was about it. Hey but me and the car survived driving in nyc! im so proud ;~; oh and nyc ktown sux ass compared to la ktown :b
ANYWAYS, we got there at 8:30 in the morning and there were already about 150-200 ppl there. There was no line formed and no blocked off areas, so everyone just sat down in the white seats. we got like 5 rows back from the front.

Then we waited. For 5 hrs. WHY DID I WEAR JEANS AND BOOTS I QUESTION MY SANITY. It was the hottest i've ever been, srsly. (when i took off my jeans for bed, i realized the rivets in the jeans had burned blisters on my legs) Yeah so there were about 1,000 ppl there at this point and they made an announcement in korean and all the koreans made a mad rush for the back. (We were pretty much clueless all day cause everything was said in korean smdh there were more english there than korean ughh) I went up and asked a staff guy what was going on and he said that they were lining up for ticket check OH SNAP WE DONT HAVE OUR TICKETS YET. So we waited at the seats and then they made an announcement to evacuate the seats because of the weather. so we did but alot on the front row just stayed. My friend went to get in line while i checked out the booth to see if our guardian angel had arrived yet.

(allkpoop booth crowd omg)
15 min later they let every1 back in LOL WHO KNOWS, THIS LOGIC IDEK. Again, a mad rush for seats. I managed to get 2 about the same distance back but far to the left. My friend Gabby was only able to get 1 near where we had been. So I put stuff in the seats and went again to the booth for a look. She actually saw me first and motioned me over and whiped out dem tickets! Like i was just as shocked the second time, cause she actually came thru with it. I wanted to kiss her feet basically.

Anyways so all was good after that for us, we just sat and burned for another 4 hrs. Thankfully i had an umbrella. Ughh and there were crazy ass beauties in front of us screaming and yelling non stop for no good reason. Shinee did a soundcheck around 2 and every1 stood ON TOP OF THE SEATS. The big girls infront of us, lawd jeezus i was praying the seats not break under all that weight. Ppl had been standing up against the plastic mesh fence thing the whole time the soundchecks were on and when b2st came on for theirs, some1 broke the fence. idk if it was intentional or not. LAWD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS IT WAS LIKE FLEAS TO A DOG, hoppin over the fence and chairs at a bajillion mph. i heard 1 girl even tackled a guard LOL.


They stopped the music and told every1 to get out of the vip seats. Like they should have started arresting ppl right then. What was really funny was other ppl took those ppls seats and when they got back they were all mad and crap. THATS WHAT U GET IDIOTS. Later on staff members came to each row to tear tickets. It was a hot mess.

The speeches and crap started at 6 and lasted about 30 min. ugggghhhh. Minho and some chick were like the mcs. and after every artist she would say stuff and Minho would agree LOL. There were so many soloists and folk singers it was just energy draining tbh. 4minute came on early and NOBODY STOOD UP. i was like WTF THIS IS A CONCERT. When Shinee came on we stood up but every1 behind us were screaming to sit down LIKE U STAND UP U LAZY ASSES!!!!!! Really made me mad. Im fairly sure it was mostly koreans yelling. Like it wasnt at all like that at the 2pm concert last year. It was basically like watching tv. All you could see was there little dancing bodies and the screen. If im not gonna go crazy, why even come to a concert? They did Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong btw. IDK MANG BUT I ONLY MILDLY WAVE MY GLOWSTICK FOR B2ST I WAS SO DEPRESSED. After Fiction, hyunseung said some engrish, i think it was like R U HAPPY or something lulz. Godwoon took over and thanked us and he sounded really good. I was surprised tbh. They did Beautiful too. Some ppl had those air tubes bangy things so that was a little fanfare, but nothing like it was earlier in the day. It took forever for all the soloists to get thru I nearly fell asleep. We were just gonna leave after 2pm and go out with a bang by jumpin around and stuff. But when Hands Up started playing THE WHOLE AUDIENCE WENT FECKING NATS. EVERY1 WAS HAND PUMPING AND SINGING i dont think any1 remained seated at that moment, even the ahjummas. The little gal behind me told me earlier she was taec bias, so i pulled her up to my row so she could see. Same with 10 outta 10~ Every1 was nuts omggggggggg and they did the jumps at the end too. Every1 stayed up for DBSK and they weren't nearly as loud for them, but still pumped nonetheless. We left after keep ur head down to beat the crowds. Seeing it all from the back of it i would say there was a good 10-20, 000 ppl at the end. Half  the vip seats werent even filled :/
All in all it was an adventure, I think my friend (who is brand new to kpop, with hottest and beauty leanings) had more fun than i did i think lol. At least she got to see what the fandom is like and stuff. I probably wont go to another kpop concert unless its meet n greet for 2pm or ukiss or block b tbh. it was a lot of money for not that great of a time. And So proud of myself for not getting hurt tbh!!
TL;DR The stage and setup was beautiful, most poorly organized funtion i've ever been to. Unless u had vip seats, it was basically like being at home watching your computer screen. Every1 loves 2pm apparently, The crowd could not be contained. 10-20,000 ppl i would guesstimate there at the end. New Jersey is gross and i will never be visiting again.

ps im not posting any of the perf vids cause u cant really see anything w/ my camera and im sure they'll have the kbs version brodcasted soon anyways.
27th-Feb-2011 08:20 pm - Deep Thoughts

I think the reason I stan Hoya is because he reminds me of my friend
Carlos that I used to/still have a crush on.


Of course Hoya is much cuter, but I can dream, right?
5th-Jan-2011 09:50 pm - Writer's Block: Winter Style
Who is your winter style icon?
5th-Nov-2010 12:37 pm - There Is No Difference

I amuse myself so much
26th-Sep-2010 10:38 pm - Hoya Wallpaper

Hoya wallpaper i made today~ i'm quite pleased with how it turned out ^^
6th-Sep-2010 10:33 am - Channie Buddy
For anyone looking for a Chansung Desktop Buddy:

Just Download  and extract the zip file. Open the .jar file, and voila!

2nd-Sep-2010 02:32 pm(no subject)

9th-Aug-2010 04:10 pm - Writer's Block: My Journey
If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

a year? i would say korea, but i dunno if i'd go for a whole year...how about orlando lol
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